Monday, December 8, 2014

E Sens' Back In Time English Lyrics

Review to follow...

Back In Time English Lyrics

Every monring the smell of grass, my hometown
Commuting downtown took an hour everyday
Scorching heat even at night, the girls were looking hot
Yeah, I grew up in a nice place
Don't exactly remember but that tight thing uh... Baby Phat?
Yeah, it was sweet but it's done now
Two days of roughnecking got my first Air One
Was a fake but I be walking like 'Don't step on my J's'
Looking like a pair of chopsticks
Ask me if I'm that skinny kid who went to Seoul
to do something, yep, I'm him
It's always so easy there
Even when I have grown up and things have changed

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Japanese Movie Recommendation: Boku wa Imōto ni Koi o Suru

Boku wa Imōto ni Koi o Suru or I Love My Younger Sister is originally a manga series. 

However, there is a considerable difference between the manga and the movie. In fact, the two areal different that I am "forced" to review the movie in total isolation from the manga. Forced because I don't want to. I have always been the kind that pays respect to the original literature which is also the reason I often end up being disappointed with books turned into movies.

However, this movie is just so different, from the storyline to characterization that it has to be treated in isolation.


Yori and an Iku Yuki are twins but Yori falls in love with his sister, Iku. After holding back his feelings for so long  it became unbearable that he had no choice but to cross the line from being siblings to lovers. However, as both realize that love may actually not be enough to keep their relationship going, they must make the decision whose hearts to break, theirs or the people around them.


Love always have a reason. That's probably the opposite of what we have all been taught about love but that's part of the tragedy of making movies, you always have to provide motivations for people to do things. Yori falling in love with his sister was one major event that needed motivation. Perhaps due to lack of time, the movie used one scene in the twins' childhood as the motivation for Yori falling in love.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thorn Birds Review: Emotionally Intelligent

There is a certain amount of brutality in Thorn Birds. No, it’s not brought about by bloody and violent scenes, not even implication to human injustice. It’s the kind of brutality you feel when you are confronted by truths that ultimately destroys your faith on other people, yourself and the possibility of unconditional love.


Misunderstanding and juvenile musings destroy the friendship of the young Seo Jung Eun (Han Hye Jin) and Kim Mim Jung (Han Yoo Kyung). When they meet again in their adult life, Han continued to harbor hatred that prompted her to take advantage of her bestfriend’s kindness, love and vulnerability. This leads to Kim taking everything that belonged to Seo and leave Seo with everything she didn’t want in her life but just as when she thought she successfully trade places with Seo, she realizes that everything she threw away is what she has always wanted.

The ‘Whys?’

Motivation. That’s one big word that seems to dictate many of the major events in one’s life.
It is always the ‘why’ that’s hardest to understand. ‘Why do you love someone?’ ‘Why did you lie?’ ‘Why did you break up with him?’ ‘Why did you cheat?’ It is always the reason behind our action that seems to weigh more than our actions themselves.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kim Jong Kook - How Come You Don't Know? English Translation (Good Doctor OST)

Title: How Come You Don’t Know?
Good Doctor OST
Artist: Kim Jong Kook (김종국)
Composer:  Jo Young Soo

How Come You Don’t Know? English Translation (Good Doctor OST)

You're in my head all day
You're smiling at me sweetly
Do you ever think of me?
I can't sleep with you in my head

Click here to check out a great Korean movie, "Sad Movie."

Friday, September 13, 2013

Foreign Best Movies: Welcome to the Dollhouse

Welcome to the Dollhouse is credited as one of the best foreign best movies of the 90s. It's a surprising turn out, considering it was produced independently and had a very low budget.

Click here to check out another great story about 3 friends and their journey towards maturity, 3 Idiots.


Dawn's life in her 7th grade is as miserable as miserable could be. She is deemed ugly and is constantly bullied by her classmates using old and uncreative antics that seems to only make her feel worse since she feels the bullies don't feel the need to think of new ways to taunt her. Her parents and siblings make it worse by simply existing.

Monday, September 9, 2013

New Asian Films: CJ7

I still have a lot on my new Asian films list. I'll go through them one by one and I'm starting off with Stephen Chow's CJ7. 


A poor father is heartbroken after he fails to buy his son a toy. Desperate, he pics up what seems to be a cute stuffed toy from the junkyard. Little did he know that the dirty little toy is from outer space and he is about to change their lives forever. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Best Foreign Films: Priest (1994)

Some of the best foreign films are also the most controversial ones. Priest is one of those movies. It was easily the most controversial film of the year because it touched on two of the most sensitive topics, faith and homosexuality.


Father Greg Pilkington is assigned to St. Mary's parish in inner-city Liverpool. As he struggles to get into the ways of a peculiar parish, he discovers that Father Matthew Thomas is engaged in a sexual relationship with a woman. This leads him to question his faith and the institution he is serving. 

Click here to check out "I Will", a movie about how two kids decided to stop hoping and wishing and start doing something to make the desire of their heart come true. 



The movie is defined by questions. The movie was backwards in that it didn’t provide an answer to the questions being raised in the entire movie. Instead, it deconstructed situations, asked questions and left it unanswered.

It starts with a basic conflict.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Best Foreign Films: The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover

One of the best foreign films I have ever watched is The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover. The story is as bizarre as the title.


When a gangster takes over a high end restaurant, he slowly shooed his customers away with his gangster ways. His rudeness forces the people around him to betray him and plot their way for revenge, lead by his wife.


Albert Spica (Michael Gambon) bought the Le Hollandais Restaurant. Part of the success of the restaurant is the chef, Richard Borst (Richard Bohringer). The misery of the people around him becomes apparent and that includes his wife, Georgina (Helen Mirren). When Georgina spots a mysterious regular customer who also runs a bookshop Michael (Alan Howard), she turns to him for comfort. They are able to carry on an affair with the help of the employees in the restaurant.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Swings - New World (Response to Simon D's Control) English Translation

This is the third single from Swings and his reply to Simon D's Control.

Swings- New World  신세계(prod.천재노창)

I’m not scared, I see this as an opportunity
You think I'm rag you can step on and flip?
I am backed up by my many failures that's backed up by more failures that support my success
I started grinning because of Miss Ki-seok that appeared out of nowhere

You think I get inspiration from you like I'm going to kiss you
No, no, Miss Jung, should we just buy those heels ?
How about pretty earrings, or a pink scarf ?
You want a fur coat, a Hwang Jung Eum? And this is not a diss

Click here to listen and for english translation of Simon D's Control.

Simon D - Control (Response to Swings' King Swings Part 2) English Translation

Simon D's 'Control' English Translation. This is his first, and so far, only response to all the allegations Swings threw at him. Almost every rapper who has jumped in to this diss battle has mentioned Simon D. However, Swings' allegations are by far the worst. 

Amoeba Culture released a statement stating they are now discussing "what steps" to take after E-Sens released his second diss track, True Story. Click here to check the english translation of that. 

However, E-Sens said on twitter that he does not plan to come out with anymore tracks and that dissing is not his "music's core". Apparently, he just had to let it out. 

English Translation after the jump.