Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thorn Birds Review: Emotionally Intelligent

There is a certain amount of brutality in Thorn Birds. No, it’s not brought about by bloody and violent scenes, not even implication to human injustice. It’s the kind of brutality you feel when you are confronted by truths that ultimately destroys your faith on other people, yourself and the possibility of unconditional love.


Misunderstanding and juvenile musings destroy the friendship of the young Seo Jung Eun (Han Hye Jin) and Kim Mim Jung (Han Yoo Kyung). When they meet again in their adult life, Han continued to harbor hatred that prompted her to take advantage of her bestfriend’s kindness, love and vulnerability. This leads to Kim taking everything that belonged to Seo and leave Seo with everything she didn’t want in her life but just as when she thought she successfully trade places with Seo, she realizes that everything she threw away is what she has always wanted.

The ‘Whys?’

Motivation. That’s one big word that seems to dictate many of the major events in one’s life.
It is always the ‘why’ that’s hardest to understand. ‘Why do you love someone?’ ‘Why did you lie?’ ‘Why did you break up with him?’ ‘Why did you cheat?’ It is always the reason behind our action that seems to weigh more than our actions themselves.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kim Jong Kook - How Come You Don't Know? English Translation (Good Doctor OST)

Title: How Come You Don’t Know?
Good Doctor OST
Artist: Kim Jong Kook (김종국)
Composer:  Jo Young Soo

How Come You Don’t Know? English Translation (Good Doctor OST)

You're in my head all day
You're smiling at me sweetly
Do you ever think of me?
I can't sleep with you in my head

Click here to check out a great Korean movie, "Sad Movie."

Friday, September 13, 2013

Foreign Best Movies: Welcome to the Dollhouse

Welcome to the Dollhouse is credited as one of the best foreign best movies of the 90s. It's a surprising turn out, considering it was produced independently and had a very low budget.

Click here to check out another great story about 3 friends and their journey towards maturity, 3 Idiots.


Dawn's life in her 7th grade is as miserable as miserable could be. She is deemed ugly and is constantly bullied by her classmates using old and uncreative antics that seems to only make her feel worse since she feels the bullies don't feel the need to think of new ways to taunt her. Her parents and siblings make it worse by simply existing.

Monday, September 9, 2013

New Asian Films: CJ7

I still have a lot on my new Asian films list. I'll go through them one by one and I'm starting off with Stephen Chow's CJ7. 


A poor father is heartbroken after he fails to buy his son a toy. Desperate, he pics up what seems to be a cute stuffed toy from the junkyard. Little did he know that the dirty little toy is from outer space and he is about to change their lives forever. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Best Foreign Films: Priest (1994)

Some of the best foreign films are also the most controversial ones. Priest is one of those movies. It was easily the most controversial film of the year because it touched on two of the most sensitive topics, faith and homosexuality.


Father Greg Pilkington is assigned to St. Mary's parish in inner-city Liverpool. As he struggles to get into the ways of a peculiar parish, he discovers that Father Matthew Thomas is engaged in a sexual relationship with a woman. This leads him to question his faith and the institution he is serving. 

Click here to check out "I Will", a movie about how two kids decided to stop hoping and wishing and start doing something to make the desire of their heart come true. 



The movie is defined by questions. The movie was backwards in that it didn’t provide an answer to the questions being raised in the entire movie. Instead, it deconstructed situations, asked questions and left it unanswered.

It starts with a basic conflict.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Best Foreign Films: The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover

One of the best foreign films I have ever watched is The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover. The story is as bizarre as the title.


When a gangster takes over a high end restaurant, he slowly shooed his customers away with his gangster ways. His rudeness forces the people around him to betray him and plot their way for revenge, lead by his wife.


Albert Spica (Michael Gambon) bought the Le Hollandais Restaurant. Part of the success of the restaurant is the chef, Richard Borst (Richard Bohringer). The misery of the people around him becomes apparent and that includes his wife, Georgina (Helen Mirren). When Georgina spots a mysterious regular customer who also runs a bookshop Michael (Alan Howard), she turns to him for comfort. They are able to carry on an affair with the help of the employees in the restaurant.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Swings - New World (Response to Simon D's Control) English Translation

This is the third single from Swings and his reply to Simon D's Control.

Swings- New World  신세계(prod.천재노창)

I’m not scared, I see this as an opportunity
You think I'm rag you can step on and flip?
I am backed up by my many failures that's backed up by more failures that support my success
I started grinning because of Miss Ki-seok that appeared out of nowhere

You think I get inspiration from you like I'm going to kiss you
No, no, Miss Jung, should we just buy those heels ?
How about pretty earrings, or a pink scarf ?
You want a fur coat, a Hwang Jung Eum? And this is not a diss

Click here to listen and for english translation of Simon D's Control.

Simon D - Control (Response to Swings' King Swings Part 2) English Translation

Simon D's 'Control' English Translation. This is his first, and so far, only response to all the allegations Swings threw at him. Almost every rapper who has jumped in to this diss battle has mentioned Simon D. However, Swings' allegations are by far the worst. 

Amoeba Culture released a statement stating they are now discussing "what steps" to take after E-Sens released his second diss track, True Story. Click here to check the english translation of that. 

However, E-Sens said on twitter that he does not plan to come out with anymore tracks and that dissing is not his "music's core". Apparently, he just had to let it out. 

English Translation after the jump.

Good Foreign Movies: Sad Movie

Screencap from the movie 'Sad Movie'.
There are many Good Foreign Movies around but few can make you against what the movie already explicitly told you to expect. Sad Movie, a 2005 Korean film, did exactly that. It told me how the movie was going to end right at the beginning of the film but midway, it made me hope and expect a different one. 

Click here to read about another beautiful love story, We Were There.


Sad Movie follows the lives of eight people who are going through a crossroad in their lives, one feels marriage will help her secure more time with his loved one, another wants time period, another wants to end the time she is sharing with her boyfriend and another knows she has no chance of spending time with the one she likes. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

E-Sens - True Story English Lyrics (Response to Gaeko's I Can Control You)

This is E-Sens' response to Gaeko's "I Can Control You". This track is titled 'True Story'. His second single in relation to his beef with Amoeba and Gaeko.

He said on twitter, this will be his last diss and that his music's core is not about dissing. He just needed to let it out.

E-Sens - True Story English Lyrics

You will never bring me down. You're all liars.
Before this battle gets to you, all I saw in you was hypocrisy
Now your true self is coming out
I gave you your fix and called me crap? You dare to step into the zone of kings here?

Why didn't you come clean from the beginning?
Why didn you say, "Just listen to the company, I'll save you even if you have nothing to lose?"
Are you an ell or a snake?
Fuck you keep pretending you're nice. 

Click here for the english lyrics of E-Sens' first diss: You Can't Control Me

Friday, August 23, 2013

Gaeko's Answer to E-Sens: I Can Control You English Lyrics

And the battle continues. Gaeko just released a track that serves to answer E-Sens diss. 

The title of the track is I Can Control You and english lyrics is below.

He seems to imply that E-Sens didn't take responsibility for the mistake he made (smoking 4/20).

Note: I will update the translation later. I have only listened to it once. 

Click here to check out Simon D's response to Swings, 'Control' and Swing's response to Simon D's response (are you confused yet, mothereffers?), New World.

Click here to listen to E-Sens' response to this track, True Story.

Foreign Independent Film: The Celebration

The Celebration is a foreign independent film that gained commercial success after it garnered lots of film festival awards including Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 1998.


At the rare family gathering, the eldest son of the respected businessman accuse him of abusing him and his other children. The movie explores the journey that each character takes to determine whether the accusation is true or not.

This foreign independent film is a must see. Get on your ass and watch it! 

Click here to check out an Academy Award Winning Foreign Film, Amores Perros.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

E-Sens - You Can’t Control Me

E-Sens did it. The mothereffer didn't even fire a warning shot. He cocked the gun and fired at everyone. 

Everyone knew he was bound to spill the beans, it was just a matter of time. And boy, oh boy, he didn't disappoint. He is all angst and attacking balls out like 300 Sparta men in steroids. 

Update: Click here for Simon D's response to Swings, Control (English Translation). So far, both Simon D and E-Sens firmly stated they are not dissing each other.

He cut ties with Amoeba over a month ago. He was gracious in his exit but not for long. He is now firing bullets to his former label. Essentially, he confirmed what may hip hop fans already knew, his label abandoned him and made him feel like shit when he was caught smoking 4/20. 

But it gets better. He provided a glimpse of the real reason for his departure. He mentioned Amoeba asking for 1 million from him. Possibly for covering his ass during his 4/20 scandal. 

The label also made him feel ashamed of himself instead of trying to pick him up. He was vacant for two years. 

Click here for Swings' New World, his response to Simon D's Control.

What is not clear is the root of his beef with Gaeko. It seems that he was only given a break to cover for Gaeko's absence when he was serving the military. 

Amoeba Culture said they have not heard the track yet but will decided on their next step when they do. Will this war go to courts instead of staying in the airwaves?

For those who are not familiar with E-Sens, this is sort of, the real him... rebellious, angsty, fearless and does not give a fu$kin' sh!t. 

Now, Swings released his own track dissing Simon D. Deepflow released his own track too to play the role of a peace maker. So did Take One. 

This is getting interesting.  Sh!t's finally hitting the fan. It'll stink in here in no time.

Click here to check out E-Sens' first single following his 4/20 scandal, Poison produced by Primary.

Lyrics and video of You Can't Control Me by E-Sens after the jump.

Great Foreign Films: 3 Idiots

Our Great Foreign Films review for this week features 3 Idiots, the highest grossing Indian film of all time in India and  overseas. It is lauded not just for its story but efforts to highlight real life inventions and technology developed by Indians.


Farhan Qureshi (R. Madhavan), Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) and Ranchhoddas Shamaldas Chhanchad (Aamir Khan) are friends and roommates. Farhan is pressured to follow his father’s footsteps and Raju wants to get his family out of poverty. They are both set to on their paths until Rancho, a guy who studies just because he loves it, steers their path towards a different direction.  

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kiseki (奇跡) by Quruli English Lyrics (I Wish OST)

I reviewed I Wish. Click here to read that. 

One of the gems of the movie is its soundtrack and the best song it has in the film is the official song, Kiseki (Miracle) by Quruli. 

This song just pierces my heart. 

Here is Quruli performing it live. 

Kiseki (奇跡) by Quruli Romanized Lyrics (I Wish OST)

sonomamade nai tari waratta ridekiruyouni
kumori gachina sono sora wo ichimen harema ni dekiruyouni
honno sukoshi dake e ni egai tayouna shiawase wo
wake temorausono nichi made douka namida wo tame teoite

kotoba ha koroga ri tsuduke omoi no take wo toori koshi
umaku tsutawa rudokoroka kake chigai no botan komatta na

Friday, August 16, 2013

Foreign Language Movies: I Wish

Hirokazu Koreeda's I Wish is one of the few recent foreign language movies that managed to pinch my heart with just the right amount of strength that is enough to make me feel the pain without giving up on hope that the release from gripping misery can bring freedom just as much as it can bring sadness.


Two brothers are forced to live apart when their parents separated. Wanting nothing else but to reunite the family, they device a plan to meet at a train station which, they heard, grants wishes. 

Click here read about another another Japanese gem, Sway. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Love Film Reviews: We Were There (Bokura Ga Ita) Part 1 & Part 2

I really never thought I would ever do love film reviews on this site because I don't really get to like a lot of love stories. I feel the stories are often too ridiculous that I find it easier to believe that John Travolta and Nicolas Cage can actually exchange face and then back again rather than believe that a guy will actually run towards a girl at the airport to confess his love and admit his stupidity. I know, I have issues. Rant over. 

We Were There changed that.

Click here to read the review of a different kind of love, between a not so young girl and a boy, Let The Right One In.


Nanami falls in love with Yano but she soon realizes that she just might have to live with his past because he seems unable to let go of it. 

Sounds like one of those tragic love film review? It's not. Read on.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Must Watch Malaysian Film: Sell Out!

I rarely get to see a Malaysian Film because there are very few that are subtitled in English or are released on video and distributed internationally. 

I am also not so familiar with the culture and given that Malaysia advocates the solid reflection of their culture on their films, I sometimes find it hard to related. However, there are films like Sell Out! that make it possible for people like me to understand and appreciate the quirky and beautiful things about Malaysia.

Click here to read about the best Foreign language action film I have seen in decades


Rafflesia Pong (Jerrica Lai) thinks she finds what could save her show when one of her guests dies on camera. On the other hand, Eric Tan (Peter Davis) works hard to develop the best Soyamaker Machine but is constantly discouraged by corporate honchos. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Foreign Independent Film: City of God

Our foreign independent film selection for this week is City of God.


City of God depicts the gang life in Rio De Janeiro. Centered on the journey of Rocket, it shows just how helpless one could get once the damnation decides to hound you. 


It felt rough and gritty. That’s how I would describe the film. It felt like whenever someone is getting shot, blood would actually burst out of the screen. Whenever someone is getting stabbed, I keep on waiting for blood splatter across my wall. That’s how real it felt for me and that’s how bloody it was.

It may be a function of the characters too. Everyone in the movie was rough and tough and angry and loud. Unlike other films, the director doesn’t offer a higher reason or higher purpose that motivates the evil of each character. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Asian Music Recommendation: Assajan Jakgawan

Come back for more Must See Foreign Films and Asian Music Blog Recommendation. 

Assajan Jakgawan is a Thai band. They debuted in 2006 with their mini album titled 'Assajan Jakgawan'.

Click here to read about LeeSsang.

Their very first hit, Reverse, is a slow one. It's a laid back sad song. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

English Lyrics: Poison by Primary (feat. E-sens of Supreme Team)

Poison by Primary feat. E-sens of Supreme Team

The rap part was penned by E-sens and was written during his hiatus following his marijuna scandal. It is a sincere expression of his personal struggles. 

The song itself highlight the lyrics and the music was created only to add a layer to its musicality.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Academy Award Foreign Film: Amores Perros

Our week's academy award foreign film stars one of my favorite actors of all time, Gael Garcia Bernal. Amores Perros is 'Love Dogs' in English.


There are three major stories running that are centered on three characters: Octavio y Susan, Daniel y Valeria and El Chivo y Maru. Their stories are all entwined with dogs.


It's great storytelling and great story. That's what makes the movie gripping.

*Spoilers ahead.*

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Must See Asian Films: Eat Drink Man Woman

This week's must see Asian films is an old flick, Eat Drink Man Woman. It is one of the early gems of one of my favorite directors, Ang Lee.

Fresh out of the success of Wedding Banquet, Eat Drink Man Woman is another movie that uses food and cooking as a major device. 

Click here to read about another food-themed movie, Like Water for Chocolates.


Mr. Chu (Sihung Lung), a great chef, has three children, each is independent and blatantly defies the tradition of what a Chinese woman should do and how a Chinese woman should behave. His children are:
  • Jia-Jen, is the eldest and has converted to Christianity after breaking up with a her long-time boyfriend
  • Jia-Chien is the middle child and the most independent of all. She works in an airline and is on her way to moving to another country
  • Jia Ning is the youngest and still in school. She started a relationship with a friend's ex-boyfriend. 
Majority of the movie happens during the Family's Sunday dinner. Mr. Chu's wife is deceased and he takes it upon himself to try and steer each of his children in the direction he wishes them to go. These dinners, however, turns out to be Sunday Sermon service.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

어디 갈래(Where Do You Wanna Go) English Lyrics- 태완, 개리(Gary), 크러쉬(Crush)

Where Do You Wanna Go by C-luv feat. Kang Gary (LeeSsang) & Crush

Hanggul, Romanized and English translation below

if you can't play it, here is the link:

Contextual Translation (not the word for word translation)

Click here to check out "Loneliness in the Palm of My hand", one of the best rap lyrics I have ever encountered.

Where Do You Wanna Go English translation

Everyday, I often run out of breath
Walking alone under this gloomy weather
I want to break away from this room and rush to Han River in Busan
I just want to forget about everything and have fun
I’d go to a club and drink a cocktail or two and dance
I used to play around like crazy with friends
Maybe tonight, I’ll be young and crazy again
It’s getting hot under these clothes, I could feel the heat from my neck down to my back

Monday, July 22, 2013

Oscar Winning Foreign Films: Tsotsi

Of the many Oscar Winning Foreign Films, Tsotsi remains one of my favorites. Watch it and you'll know exactly what hit me. It is one of the few films where every element in the movie worked together 


Tsotsi (Presley Chweneyagae) is a gang leader who gets entangled in a crime that will doom him to a lifetime of running, threats, pain and misery. Determined to rise to the top of gangster life, Tsotsi sets out a plan to beat everyone running after him. All those changed when he found a baby and realized that he just doesn't have the evil genes to ditch the baby. 

Click here to check out Oscar Winning Films DVDs for as low as $2.60.



The movie invites the audience to dig deeper into Tsotsi. He looks, acts and talks like a boy from the hood. With not education, no family and no ambition, he lives crime after crime until life threw him a curve ball, he found a baby in a car he stole. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Must See Foreign Films: Children of Heaven

The film follows the struggle of Ali (Amir Farrokh Hasemian) to win second place in a running competition so he could take home the prize, a pair of shoes. It may sound simple enough but it seems that winning second place is harder than winning first place.


The whole movie happens from the point of view of a child. Thus, things seem simpler until you realize that the it only seems simple because it is honest.



The movie started with a quest to find the slippers that Ali lost. The slippers belong to her sister, Zahra (Bahare Seddiqi). Their family is so poor that they can't afford to buy a new new pair. They are then forced to look for ways on how they can go to school and do their individual activities while they look for a way on how to replace the lost slippers.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Song Meaning: "Those Obvious Words" by Jung In

I never thought I'd write about a meaning of a song because I believe that as much as the artist makes it his prerogative to what he wants to write, the listeners also keep it their prerogative to interpret what he wrote.

However, I received several messages asking me the meaning of the song "Those Obvious Words" performed by Jung In and written by Kang Gary of LeeSsang.

Here is the official music video:

Here is the English translation of the lyrics:

Under the faint lights, the music played and you and I were so shy
After some hesitation, you tightly held my hand and said
* I will be by your side until always, don’t worry
I will always think of only you and treat you well, I love you
** I wanted to believe those obvious words
Because I loved you a little more than you loved me
I wanted you so much
Because from the moment I first saw you, my heart was yours

Monday, July 15, 2013

Must See Asian Films: Hazard

Our Must See Asian Films for this week is Hazard, another film startting Jo Odagiri.

I had no background about this movie before watching it except that it starred one of my favorite Japanese actors, Jo Odagiri. Much like some of his best movies, I expected something cerebral. I was ready to jump into a vortex of subtly implied story twists.

Oh, I jumped into a vortex alright... but it was one that twisted me around a tornado of unfulfilled dreams and embarrassing failures I have been too ashamed to face.


Shin finds himself bored and unhappy in Tokyo. He has always wanted to go somewhere exciting. When he read about the hazards of New York, he left everything behind to begin his journey to experience New York.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Loneliness, In the Palm of My Hand English Translation - Mad Clown

I consider "Loneliness In The Palm Of My Hand" Mad Clown's "Ars Poetica." It's a brilliant piece that talks about his music. This is his music about his music. It also represents the kind of lyricist he is, he jumps from telling a story to painting a picture with so much ease that it's easy to not recognize the transition. 

Click here for the english translation of E-Sens' Poison.

Enjoy the song. My favorite lines:

I write, and write, and write, and write
Until dawn starts painting the sky dark blue
I could feel what's in my chest slowly chipping away
The pencil on my left hand,
This is loneliness, in the palm of that hand

Mad Clown - Loneliness, In the Palm of My Hand English Translation

Monday, May 13, 2013

I Am - LeeSsang feat. Epik High English Translation

Here is the contextual english translation or interpretation of LeeSsang's Because I Am feat. Epik High.

LeeSsang is very close to Tablo. They actually sang the congratulatory song in Tablo's wedding. 

It was also Gil who announced the wedding of Tablo.

Here is the link to the song: 

Click here for the english translation of Where Do You Wanna Go by CLuv feat. Crush and Kang Gary of LeeSsang.

Because I am - LeeSsang feat. Epik High English Translation

Every moment of the moment, I live in victory and defeat but
Every moment is the moment that gives me a reason to live
I go on

Words are my only source of light in the middle of darkness
I never really knew what love meant to me
I have faith that I will wake up from sleep and grasp my dreams
Even though I am filled with nothingness
The beat and the words in my music gave me hope

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kangnam Richer / Gangnam Rich English Lyrics - LeeSsang feat. PoBi

What you are saying is different from what you said yesterday
It’s so different, too different
Today, it is raining- I’ll do whatever I want
What you are saying is different from what you said yesterday
It’s so different, too different
Today, it is raining- I’ll do whatever I want

He told me if I invest 100,000,000 won, it will become 300,000,000 won
He said I will make money if I buy this stock
He said there’s going to be an awesome product next March
He told me to just trust him with the money
since it will be invested on blue chips, I can't go wrong
I trusted him and I was f**ked and that bastard ran away
My life that was about to get better was once again messed up

Monday, January 21, 2013

Must See Foreign Films: Y Tu Mama Tambien

Our Must See Foreign Films Recommendation for today is Y Tu Mama Tambien. 

I am a big fan of Gael García Bernal and it all started with this film. It is the first movie I have ever seen that literally pulled my mouth open wide in shock. I did not expect the event that happened towards the end. Some of my friends said they saw it coming but by god, I didn't. 

But it's not just the film's ability to shock that takes me. It's the whole film's uncanny ability to make everything feel familiar to me. As strange as the adventures of the three characters may seem, underneath it is a universal emotion, the desire to see something new and something great, the need to be a part of something bigger and the unexpected courage to do something totally unexpected.

Don't forget to visit Amazon for must see foreign films and spanish language films. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Asian Music Blog Recommendation: LeeSsang

Our Asian Music Blog Feature for this week, LeeSsang.

LeeSsang is a hiphop duo from South Korea. Rapper, Kang Garie (may also be spelled as Gary), and  vocalist Gil Seong-joon started performing together 16 years ago. They used to be a part of a hiphop group called Honey Family. They broke away and formed LeeSsang in 2002. 

They have since released eight albums producing hits like Rush, Run, Clown, Ballerino and many others. 

Visit Amazon for LeeSsang's complete Discography with as much as 75% discount. 

Style and Image

LeeSsang writes and produces all of their songs. Garie is the primary lyricist while Gil takes care of the music. Neither had formal training in music. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Must See Foreign Films: Sway aka Yureru


When two brothers get involved in an accident and one of them had to take the stand to recall the events, the painful memory of his relationship with his brother starts to muddle the facts. The past becomes one with the present in his head and the truth becomes harder to see.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Academy Award Winning Foreign Films: A Separation

Our Academy Award Winning Foreign Films for this week is A Separation.

A Separation is about how a married couple survived the biggest test in their marriage right before their divorce is finalized. I think it is no less than genius for someone to show how love can really pull through even when two people are about permanently stay apart.

It's a clear message for me, love has nothing to do with marriage and it has nothing to do with whether or not two people are together. If there is love and if love is real, you will always be ready to count on it. It may not be in the way you want it but it will pull through.

Amazon for DVDs of Foreign Film with as much as 70% discount.


Simin has been married to Nader for 15 years. They have an 11-year-old daughter Termeh. When Nader refuses to leave Iran with Simin and Termeh as they originally planned because of his father suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, Simin files for divorce and moves back to her parents house.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Must See Foreign Films: Central Station

Central Station is a must see foreign film and it should have been an academy award winning foreign film. It was nominated in the 52nd Academy Awards.
It follows the story of a middle-aged woman who makes a living writing letters for people who can't read and write and the friendship she developed with a kid who became a customer when he asked her to write a letter to his father which she never mailed. 

Amazon for DVDs of Foreign Film with as much as 70% discount.


Dora writes letters for people who can't read and write for pay. However, she sometimes doesn't mail the letters. One of the many letters she didn't mail is that of Josue who wants to see his father. When Josue's mother died, Dora was forced to take him in. She sold the boy but felt guilty afterwards and decides to steal back the kid.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Academy Award Winning Foreign Films: Departures

Departures is one of the many Academy Award Winning Foreign Films you should never miss if you ever want to get a clear glimpse of the culture of Japan.

Departures is a story of how  people tend to find the real meaning of life only when they finally see the faces of death.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Asian Music Blog Recommendation: Dir En Grey

Our Asian Music Blog Recommendation for this week, Dir en Grey. 

Dir En Grey is a Japanese metal band that was first formed in 1997. It is composed of :
  • Kyo – lead vocals
  • Kaoru – guitar, backing vocals
  • Die – guitar, backing vocals
  • Toshiya – bass, backing vocals
  • Shinya – drums, percussion
Kyo's and Kaoru's names are usually written in Kanji. The names they are using are their stage names, not their real names.

They have since released eight studio albums: Gauze (1999), Macabre (2000), Kisou (2002), Vulgar (2003), Withering to Death. (2005), The Marrow of a Bone (2007), Uroboros (2008) and Dum Spiro Spero (2011).

Don't forget to check Amazon for Dire En Grey CDs and other Asian Bands.

Musical Style and Its Evolution

Three things identify the music of Dir En Grey: Kyo's vocal range, their veracity to experiment with different musical genre and their continuous noticeable sound and visual evolution. These are the reasons they deserve to be mentioned on this Asian Music Blog.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Must See Foreign Films: Like Water for Chocolate

Our Must See Foreign Films Recommendation for today is Like Water for Chocolate. Braze yourself for a loooooot of passion.

Love doesn't end... it doesn't change... and it prevails. It doesn't bend... it doesn't go away... it stays and it grows stronger through time. That's essentially what Like Water for Chocolate is. It's all about how two people managed to stay in love and grew that love even when they were forbidden to ever be together.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Must See Foreign Films: C.R.A.Z.Y.


It is a story of how the mix of love and expectations in a family can compel people to refuse to acknowledge truths about their emotions and identities.

Amazon for DVDs of Foreign Film with as much as 70% discount.


Zach is the fourth of five male children of Gervais and Laurianne. Growing up, he knew that his father's sole desire is to make all his children a man's man. This desire has made the dynamic of their family a odd. Sibling weren't particularly close to each other despite the obvious small moments that shows they actually love each other.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Best Foreign Action Films: The Raid

Everyone keeps on using the word "raw" when describing best foreign action films. It has been used so many times that I am now confused what it actually means... until I saw The Raid. 

If you want an action film that is so badass that it's going to make you grow some chest hair and miraculously have a tattoo appear on you neck just by watching it, this is the movie for you. It's non-stop, d@mn the special effects let's break each others' skull kind of action. 

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The story is pretty simple. An 20-man elite police task force assaults a building to arrest a crime lord, Tama Riyadi. A newbie, Rama, is a one of them. They were able to infiltrate the building but was soon detected by a lookout. Apparently, the building houses some of the most ruthless criminals in Indonesia. When Tama Riyadi announces on the PA system that he will provide free residence to anyone who kills the police, it was chaos. The criminals was able to finish the police except Rama and his boss. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Must See Foreign Films: Paradise Now

Paradise Now is one of the must see foreign films for all those who dare to, at the very least, understand why suicide bombers die for their faith.

Paradise Now is a story of how two suicide bombers are forced to reflect on their faith, principles and life when something happened that prevented them from carrying out their mission they have prepared for all their life.

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There are so many ways the movie could have gone the wrong way.

For one, the subject it chose to deal with is one of the most controversial a movie can ever talk about. It essentially forces the viewers to understand the principles and reasons that suicide bombers have that justifies the need to kill innocent people to serve their cause and their God. It is almost unthinkable. After all, why would we even want to understand something that sides in the belief that killing others may be acceptable?

Friday, January 4, 2013

Asian Music Blog Recommendation: Stylish Nonsense

Asian Music Blog recommendation for this week is Stylish Nonsense. 

Stylish Nonsense is duo from Thailand. Wannarit “Pok” Pongprayoon and Yuttana "June" Kalambaheti are considered the leader of Thailand's electronic movement.

It's easy not to take them seriously because watching them makes you feel like you are watching... well... nonsense... or two guys that are high on drugs. BUT if you listen to their records and listen to the words, you'd realize that they do make a lot of sense. They deliver it in an unconventional manner but there's a lot of seriousness and pensiveness behind the insanity. 

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Must See Foreign Films: Rec 2

This week's Must See Foreign Films Recommendation is REC 2.

REC 2 opens with Ángela Vidal (Manuela Velasco) being pulled towards darkness. The whole of Barcelona is almost wiped clean by some human monster. Each medical unit sent has never returned so a SWAT team is sent to accompany the government Health officials. The group makes it to their destination only to find out that the health official they accompanied is actually a priest and is there to investigate demonic possessions.

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The priest wants to get blood samples from the Medeiros girl who he believes to be the sources of the devil spirit. Before they could do anything though, they realize it’s not demons but some kind of a virus that turns everyone into zombies who attach uninfected humans. The team struggles to stay alive but situation is made worse when a group of thrill seekers arrive only to realize no one might leave the building alive.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Must See Foreign Films: Let The Right One In

Our must see foreign films recommendation for the week is Let The Right One In from Sweden.

Oskar is a loner and is the favourite subject of school bullies. He has fantasies of violent revenge but never had the guts to do put do it. Then a girl moved in next door, Eli. Both social recluses, Eli and Oskar form a special bond despite their vow not to become friends. Things start going well especially when Eli gives Oskar the courage to fight back against the bullies. And then violent attacks and murders start terrorizing their town. Oskar can't help but wonder if his new friend has anything to do with it.

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Narrative and Direction 

Let The Right One In is visually and narratively cool and hot, timidity and passion, strange and common, remarkable complication and astonishing simplicity.