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Must See Foreign Films: Y Tu Mama Tambien

Our Must See Foreign Films Recommendation for today is Y Tu Mama Tambien. 

I am a big fan of Gael García Bernal and it all started with this film. It is the first movie I have ever seen that literally pulled my mouth open wide in shock. I did not expect the event that happened towards the end. Some of my friends said they saw it coming but by god, I didn't. 

But it's not just the film's ability to shock that takes me. It's the whole film's uncanny ability to make everything feel familiar to me. As strange as the adventures of the three characters may seem, underneath it is a universal emotion, the desire to see something new and something great, the need to be a part of something bigger and the unexpected courage to do something totally unexpected.

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A huge part of the reason Y Tu Mama Tambien is today's must see foreign film is the extraordinary interpretation of an ordinary journey. 

Teenage life long friends Julio (Gael García Bernal) and Tenoch (Diego Luna) decides to convince a much older sexy woman, Luisa, into embarking on a journey with them to find a made-up beach called Boca del Cielo or Heaven's Mouth. Luisa says no but eventually goes with them after learning her boyfriend cheated on her.

As they set forth in their travel, the two boys try to brag about their sexual experiences while Luisa obviously holds back. Julio and Tenoch are clearly hoping to have sex with her but their limited experience isn't helping them. When Julio discovers that Tenoch scores first, Julio angrily told Tenoch that Julio slept with Tenoch's girlfriend. 

To appease Julio, Luisa slept with Julio too which angered Tenoch. The two boys were about to go at it when Luisa tells them that if they continue fighting, she would leave. 

They continue their journey and were surprised to realize that there really is a place called Heaven's Mouth. As they enjoy the beach, they begin to shed off their inhibitions and confess their insane sexual adventures including their predilection to have sex with the same women. 

*spoiler alert*

One night of excessive drunkenness, Luisa seduces Julio and Tenoch. As she stimulates both, Julio and Tenoch end up touching and kissing each other. 

They realized what happened the next morning and went home without speaking. They parted ways since then and saw each other only once to catch up.

Luisa died a month after the trip of cancer.


This is one of the must see foreign films but it's not that easy to get. When it was shown, it was bashed for its explicit sexual scenes. However, examining it closely would yield two things, not a single sex scene may be edited out that would not affect the whole story. 

The treatment was as real as a movie could be to accurately project the characters' emotions and make the audience understand everything that are not being said or shown but are equally important.

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Movie Info

Director: Alfonso Cuarón
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish

Release Date: June 2001

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