Sunday, August 25, 2013

E-Sens - True Story English Lyrics (Response to Gaeko's I Can Control You)

This is E-Sens' response to Gaeko's "I Can Control You". This track is titled 'True Story'. His second single in relation to his beef with Amoeba and Gaeko.

He said on twitter, this will be his last diss and that his music's core is not about dissing. He just needed to let it out.

E-Sens - True Story English Lyrics

You will never bring me down. You're all liars.
Before this battle gets to you, all I saw in you was hypocrisy
Now your true self is coming out
I gave you your fix and called me crap? You dare to step into the zone of kings here?

Why didn't you come clean from the beginning?
Why didn you say, "Just listen to the company, I'll save you even if you have nothing to lose?"
Are you an ell or a snake?
Fuck you keep pretending you're nice. 

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The last PR that that bad hyung brought out
You made appear like an idiot thief, who were shooed away and curse out
I can see clearly everything because of you
I don't know how you were able to stand the smell of my shit. You dog nose.

Let's be honest here.
Everyone wants to answer through rhymes instead of talking to journalists. This is the main event.
When I failed I said, I'll get back up and be better 100 fold.
I never complained.

Two years later, I was in your slavery contract
I asked how much did all the damage cost
You told me to sue the company
You asked me to pay 2 billion won and leave quietly
But then you asked for 8 billion won

It's funny to say it now but you threw around so much shit
You thought I was an idiot and talked as if you were nice
I said I'll take all the responsibility
Who betrayed who in this story?

Fuck you go the hell. We tremble asking for a personal vacation.
Your stupid manager couldn't tell me I can't leave because I have to work
So he told me to move my father's burial rites to the weekend.

Fuck you go the hell. You are that kind of a person.
You knew everything but when I asked you, you said "I don't know I'm sorry."
Fucked your words that don't mean anything
You're a coward scared of your older sister's skirt.

Stuff like that comes out in South Park.
Evil rises pretending they control the future
Tell me who is evil?

Yeah you are the foundation of Amoeaba culture
If you have any shame left, stop the role model talk
You said 'Poison' will represent my career even 10 years from now. So what?
What did you do for me? All you did was torture me.

Even the money I earned from that, you took and stole from me
You said I made more debts that you did?
You think I like doing that?
You knew how I felt better than anyone.

I made 300 million won doing that shit and now I owe 1 billion won
You said that if I don't want my mother and my sister's money stolen
I should just shut up and listen to you
If you talk about my family again, I'll really kill you

You acted cool and told me that even if doesn't work at first
You'll let me do music for 10 years
You words and your actions don't match you say it's for the culture but you're all thugs
1 billion is a number you and your friends like

That manager that stole money from the musicians is your sister
And the idiots under that are your friends as close as cock
Before telling me I'm rude, check your asses first
Now you're accusing me for seeking attention

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Now you're trying to set me up to end my career?
You vulture are filled with dirt, admit it
You don't represent rappers, you represent dirty entertainment
Now who is courageous and who is the coward who cheated while hiding?
I'm stopping this. Don't worry, my passion is still like fire.
Tell me, did I tell any lies.

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