Thursday, August 22, 2013

E-Sens - You Can’t Control Me

E-Sens did it. The mothereffer didn't even fire a warning shot. He cocked the gun and fired at everyone. 

Everyone knew he was bound to spill the beans, it was just a matter of time. And boy, oh boy, he didn't disappoint. He is all angst and attacking balls out like 300 Sparta men in steroids. 

Update: Click here for Simon D's response to Swings, Control (English Translation). So far, both Simon D and E-Sens firmly stated they are not dissing each other.

He cut ties with Amoeba over a month ago. He was gracious in his exit but not for long. He is now firing bullets to his former label. Essentially, he confirmed what may hip hop fans already knew, his label abandoned him and made him feel like shit when he was caught smoking 4/20. 

But it gets better. He provided a glimpse of the real reason for his departure. He mentioned Amoeba asking for 1 million from him. Possibly for covering his ass during his 4/20 scandal. 

The label also made him feel ashamed of himself instead of trying to pick him up. He was vacant for two years. 

Click here for Swings' New World, his response to Simon D's Control.

What is not clear is the root of his beef with Gaeko. It seems that he was only given a break to cover for Gaeko's absence when he was serving the military. 

Amoeba Culture said they have not heard the track yet but will decided on their next step when they do. Will this war go to courts instead of staying in the airwaves?

For those who are not familiar with E-Sens, this is sort of, the real him... rebellious, angsty, fearless and does not give a fu$kin' sh!t. 

Now, Swings released his own track dissing Simon D. Deepflow released his own track too to play the role of a peace maker. So did Take One. 

This is getting interesting.  Sh!t's finally hitting the fan. It'll stink in here in no time.

Click here to check out E-Sens' first single following his 4/20 scandal, Poison produced by Primary.

Lyrics and video of You Can't Control Me by E-Sens after the jump.

You Can't Control Me English Lyrics

Somebody told me, life as a rapper lasts only 5 years tops
Seeing how people still remember me, guess I’m gonna do it longer than that.
I’ve gone deep inside the rappers’ grave and came out alive.
Some people may see a different me right now
Maybe it’s a complete resurrection somehow
Or I am but half rotten zombie now
It’s not like somebody came to me to help me out
There no one who can do what I do and finish this bout

Click here to listen and read english lyrics to Gaeko's answer: I Can Control You

This era and this beat coming out of me
These rhymes I’m gonna spit out are threats to other rappers or opportunity.
Arms crossed, red face hidden, and pretending to be easy
I don’t do that shit. There’s a type of those who do well, really.
He’s not raw. He’s just rare, under cooked shit.
He gets chewed a few times and few hours later he falls into my toilet.
But I’m always well done, you see
I'll choke you if you try to diss me

How can you breath when everyon is stabbing your back.
What you spit out was garbage. If you vomit, at least kneel.
Idiots coming blindly and coward rappers are filling up the scene.
Korean Hip-hop’s half-dead. Dead bodies’ are surrounding it.
your rhymes’ gone past expiration date, and your preservative for them? Cash money.
Pretending you are more than an entertainer
You cheat those Korean Hip-Hop rookies,
Acting like you are helping them.

The label cut my limb off and gave me crutches
They announce proudly that they are the only reason I am able to walk.
They tell me they’ll give me a wheelchair if I am a good boy.
My life that you tried to sell away?
I’m not gonna give it to you easily. I’m my own boss.
Stop acting like the good guys, enough with the hypocricy.
You are greedy and want it all for yourselves.
It's a disrespect your soul or what left of it in you.

I wonder whether the shitty things they’ve done to me
would heat up the blood of the sleepin and silent fox inside of me
That make-up you’ve put all over my face,
Washing it off took at least two years.
Words I’ve spoken before, now I keep them with my life.
The mindstate of a winner.
Every studio’s my gym. You’re a bite-sized protein.
I'll cut you to pieces with no anaesthesia.

Answer me when you hear this, Gaeko.
Don't back off like you did to me for the last five years in the label.
You declined your last respect for me,
so now let's fight soldier versus soldier.
You’re pretending you're a good guy? Fuck that.
Though I speak dirty, be honest to me.
You’re the one that’s the dirtiest. You used me when you were on your military duty.
You took advantage of this rookie’s respect for you.
How could you have done that to me?

And for the retired rap shit next to you and those other fuckers,
I won't waste my ink for them.
You all understand what I'm saying, so I'll pass.
Give us a million? Amoeba Culture, kiss my ass.
You guys are good at PR manipulation, I'm sure you'll mess me up again.
You’re gonna describe me as an ungrateful fucker.
I’m number one. If you can’t admit it, then talk to me as an MC
and don't go running to your big sister to beat me.

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