Friday, August 23, 2013

Gaeko's Answer to E-Sens: I Can Control You English Lyrics

And the battle continues. Gaeko just released a track that serves to answer E-Sens diss. 

The title of the track is I Can Control You and english lyrics is below.

He seems to imply that E-Sens didn't take responsibility for the mistake he made (smoking 4/20).

Note: I will update the translation later. I have only listened to it once. 

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Click here to listen to E-Sens' response to this track, True Story.

You left us, naughty brother and thrashed us in public
It's the only way people will listen to your rhythm and flow, amateur
That's fine, I'll take the swings you throw at me
I know you went off to suck someone yesterdays, that's what you do

Click here to listen to E-Sens' track, You Cant Control Me, and the english translation

You only work an hour and a half everyday and you think your a priceless talent
You kids should work hard and not mess with week
Take a look at what you created when you were sober, you "were about to suck that bitch"
Your photo was all over Naver with your head bowed promising to "give up your medicine"
You kissed ass in the company

You made it appear like you were the betrayed one, acting hurt
Your mouth is always always pent and your throat is hoarse after performing one track
Are you tired of cynicism and pessimism, because this is the feeling you created in your surrounding
You can go on dissin' because dude we have money and we have time
I'll buy you a classy ball-point pen

A good earthworm doesn't make a dangerous snake
You wrapped yourself with fuss, I release my 10th jackpot album BAAAM
Bang Bang even if the bell rang, Ding goes the match but this is a messy entertainment business
Support of people come and go
You are sick beyond help
Your existence is a cancer, you are a poison
Your only success is with Primary, you'll rant about it even after a decade
It was us who dug you out of your grave, a fatal mistake I made
You're just dragging us down

Remember it was you who made people lose respect when you violated the law
People like were called brave and stupid but now nobody knows them
They talk non sense and no one listens to their empty brain
Don't laugh, I am the soldier that fights for other soldiers
I battle kings just to fight for my family and I get punished for the mess you created

I am not a business man, tomorrow I'm sitting business class
I've been pretty busy, man go fuck yourself
Like you said, out of habit, this is what I do
From this moment on, I am your role model


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