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Good Foreign Movies: Sad Movie

Screencap from the movie 'Sad Movie'.
There are many Good Foreign Movies around but few can make you against what the movie already explicitly told you to expect. Sad Movie, a 2005 Korean film, did exactly that. It told me how the movie was going to end right at the beginning of the film but midway, it made me hope and expect a different one. 

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Sad Movie follows the lives of eight people who are going through a crossroad in their lives, one feels marriage will help her secure more time with his loved one, another wants time period, another wants to end the time she is sharing with her boyfriend and another knows she has no chance of spending time with the one she likes. 


Time is cruel and the enemy of love. That was apparent on how the lives of these eight characters turned out. This is what makes Sad Movie unique from other good foreign movies.

Jin Woo is in a relationship with Soo-jung, a sign language interpreter in a news show. She wants him to propose thinking that if they get married, he will think twice about his getting into dangerous situations. He wants to propose but just can't find the right timing. 

The tragedy is the irony of their set up. Soo-jung wants Jin Woo to marry her. She thinks that will make him want to protect himself a little better for her. She thinks that she will keep him safe and she will keep him from getting harmed. The funny thing is that she did exactly what she didn't want him to experience, get hurt. 

Funny how this reflects many situations. People who are in love always vow to protect the person they love. They often miss that fact that possessing them would do exactly the opposite of what they vowed to do.  

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There's Ha-seok. He set up a company that helps people to break up from their partners. He found stability which is what Suk-hyun, his girlfriend, wanted. He chose to make it easier for people to break up to make it easier for him to keep his girlfriend. 

The pain he brought to many people made him see and take a part of all sorts of pain. There's the physical pain of being beaten up, the betrayal he felt for the other person when he delivers a news to someone who is already with someone else. You think someone who has seen as much of those would know just how painful it is to be in the receiving end of a break up. But later on he realize that you don't. You don't ever get used to it.

Then, there is Hee-chan, a kid who wants nothing but time with his mother Ju-young. Oddly enough, the only time she was able to give it to him was when she had almost nothing left. 

But my favorite character is Soo-eun, a walking tragedy. She's deaf and scarred, literally. Her melancholy leads her to hide literally. Donning the cutest mascot costume to work allowed her to live freely. It was her sanctuary, a place away from her true self. 

Then she falls in love, to a man who captures faces for a living. It's the most painful irony of her life. It was even more painful when he started getting interested in her while she's wearing the mask. The symbolism is both blatant and genius. The movie was able to show us all just how most people start getting interested at someone. It is almost always the mask they see and the real person because knowing the real person takes a whole lot of time. 

There is nothing fantastic about the cinematography. The movie is glossy but melancholic. There's an abundance of light but also an abundance of space which makes the brightness seems empty. 

But it is beautiful. The people in the film are beautiful and the places they go to are beautiful. The clothes they wear, the smile they give... everything is beautiful that you will start rooting for everyone in no time. It will make you forget that how it ends has already been revealed by the time the movie started. 

We will have more good foreign movies in the future, be sure to come back.

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