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Simon D - Control (Response to Swings' King Swings Part 2) English Translation

Simon D's 'Control' English Translation. This is his first, and so far, only response to all the allegations Swings threw at him. Almost every rapper who has jumped in to this diss battle has mentioned Simon D. However, Swings' allegations are by far the worst. 

Amoeba Culture released a statement stating they are now discussing "what steps" to take after E-Sens released his second diss track, True Story. Click here to check the english translation of that. 

However, E-Sens said on twitter that he does not plan to come out with anymore tracks and that dissing is not his "music's core". Apparently, he just had to let it out. 

English Translation after the jump.

Simon D - Control English Translation

Label, step back for a bit.
I know I am breaking rules in the contract but I have the right to make my own rules now. I've followed rules like a dog.
I've been in this mess for the past five years
What became poison to some became my weapon

Yeah, my label used to pretend it was nice.
Like Dynamic Duo’s music, it's starting to sound like hip hop now that you’ve bared your teeth.
It was Sens' choice to be cursed at and hit. Like that.
The pent up anger because of the lack of attention changed everything

These dogs that accuse me of being a fox, just wait
Sens wouldn’t diss over something superficial. Don’t let your guard down
E-Sens vs Amoeba Culture, E-Sens vs Dynamic Duo
They didn't get a long and it affected me

Click here to for E-Sens' first track, You Can't Control Me.

I couldn’t hold hands with either one
But I always held tightly onto my little brother’s wrist.
That's the truth. It lead to fighting that I knew wouldn't get resolved
The painful noise is at the end of the silent scream.

Of course, I was also at fault. I admit it.
I always pretended I was winning in the shieldless fight.
But I couldn't do anything, I had to work and make money
Even outside of the canvas of the verse I grew tired of writing, I had to stand lonely.

Why am I being blamed for being unable to adapt.
I hide both sides of myself, the one that adapted with or without Sens.
People say that I became the victim of the victim
Because I avoided it, the damage became an opportunity
I will have to make up my own reason to continue this the way people search for God when they are about to die
I don’t trust business, I make them trust me.


This fight is getting bloody, really
While I'm going for blodd, you're just sh*tting everywhere
You don’t have the right to speak the truth. We already saw blood
You used my name to get #1, you f*cker.

That’s the last time I'll show you mercy.
The fake “Show Me The Money” brand new pussy.
You knelt down just to have a contract
You pig, you’re still not ripe on top of the fire

You’re not raw or rare, just disgusting.
You think I'm scared of you? I allowed you to swing the first blow
But I kept you alive as a necessary evil.
Just Jam is a place where people go to see your tits

Ugly Duck always make it appear you carry better verses
Do you think I'd be where I am at 30 by chance? Dick.
When talking about that part, your breath got short. You sounded like you were going to die by passing out.
I was 100% sincere when I said, let’s drink.

Now, just stick an apple in your mouth. Sepak Takraw, bitch
You loved JTONG. I didn’t steal him.
F*ck JM. Why did you leave out the part where you locked JTONG up?
Why did you try to give him a manager before you gave him your dick contract?

You even tried to easily steal the name South Town
He was so innocent, you don’t know how much he suffered
He regrets ever having you as a boss
All the good kids just come to my side

Thanks for trashing yourself out, you f*cking Moon Jihoo
You say you’re Sens’ best friend, but you don’t know sh*t about his feelings
Do I have to spell out everything? Are you covering your ears?
Your fans must be disappointed, you f*cker.

I was a bit disappointed in my fans, too. They stayed up all night just because they don't trust me
Your parents told you to avoid scary looking people.
Stop watching his life. Just want to remind you, in case you get twisted.

Your fanfic dreams up thinking of Sens.
Yeah, it’ll become legend. The best of erotic sh*t
Sens left the label because you claimed to be pregnant
But your morning sickness continues. There’s only JTONG left.

I pretended to be nice and smiled on the TV
But who is betraying people?
Ask your friends if I have ever betrayed people
One thing for sure, you have no truth in you
Get it, you motherf*cker?

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