Monday, August 26, 2013

Swings - New World (Response to Simon D's Control) English Translation

This is the third single from Swings and his reply to Simon D's Control.

Swings- New World  신세계(prod.천재노창)

I’m not scared, I see this as an opportunity
You think I'm rag you can step on and flip?
I am backed up by my many failures that's backed up by more failures that support my success
I started grinning because of Miss Ki-seok that appeared out of nowhere

You think I get inspiration from you like I'm going to kiss you
No, no, Miss Jung, should we just buy those heels ?
How about pretty earrings, or a pink scarf ?
You want a fur coat, a Hwang Jung Eum? And this is not a diss

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I’m relaxed as a whistle and share kisses with my woman.
Why would I diss you ? You’re my lovely mistress
Should I spell it out for you in Korean ? I’m gonna throw up, but you’re the woman I’m having affairs with.
I castrated you, hurry up and give me your balls

I’m confiscating these, no, just shove them in your mouth.
You’re calling me cruel ? All I did was bring out some notes
I wasn’t going to diss you, really, not at all
But you said sh*t to the f*cking duck, yeah, Ugly Duck

And you even diss me on Twitter to cheer them on ?
Don't' blame me for this, you just dug a hole to bury yourself
When you betrayed me, without thinking of my friends or family
You made me into a stupid idiot.

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What goes around, comes around, now I'm hunting you
This is all about justice
You have to understand, even I was shocked
I tried to understand you first. I thought you were just a coward

Let’s talk about facts, now, starting from JTONG
Face the facts. He came to JM I run, right ?
Yeah, you're right about the contract
But we met and worked it out and figured it out

But things got messed up, because you, TONG, and me
We were the same crew in IK
You never talked to me
But behind my back, you destroyed my relationship with people

You introduced him to your company,
And what you did when I cried and called you,
You couldn’t say anything because you were so shocked and sorry
After that, we promised to meet up twice.

Once, you said you were busy, the second, you said you were sick
You made excuses and hid like a hyena behind your schedule
I left IK and starved for revenge
I was a mole, and I don’t want to admit it but you messed up my head

Fact 2, I saw TONG a few days ago, and saw him again the day before yesterday
Sens was there, too, and we drank together
He was worried I’d get kicked out of my company
He said, forget the past, come with me under my company

You really have no one, man, it’s like you’re alone
I was like that 3 years ago but now things are turning around
You said TONG regrets the past ?
If that’s the truth, you’re dissing him. F*cker, shut up.

Shut the f*ck up, don’t sell friendship
You get rid of people who you don’t need
You did that to Sens but he never talked about you to me
The person who told me Sens’ escape story about him getting betrayed was TONG

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He swore he was telling the truth and you were twisted
Let me ask you, why did Sens also leave the IK I left, hyung?
As soon as it happened, you stayed quiet
Something bothered you that you called Sens yesterday?

Sens told mme himself
The things you said were all a mistake… About Double D
He said : I understand Kiseok-hyung, he’s been a girl
I was more disappointed than angry but you did this to him

In one word, you’re a b*tch, but he defended you.
Since I said this much, let me fill up the space
You said I did nothing on Show Me The Money
Are you kidding me?

I was watching TV while I was playing pool
Simon D was wearing a pink ballerina outfit
I showed them pure 100% hip hop
Everyone, ask yourself - What was more useless ?

You force yourself to fit into skinny jeans
You still want to be called hyung ?
I don't have to cut off your dick, it’s already squished between your legs..
You ? Real MC ? Ah.. sure..

You were #1 on Naver, right?
When Black Swan 2 comes out, you’re contracted for a side role, right ?
Since we've already started talking about contracts
I’m good with life, I have more work than you

Yesterday, I rapped at your homeplace, “F*CK SSAM-D!”
They all cheered like Park Ji Sung scored, see ?
Everyone knows the truth, they know the truth
Now I’m the Big Mac, you’re the sultry happy meal

Your rap really sucks, this is the first fact
And the pact in your purse is the fourth
Thanks for keeping me alive, let’s make up and sleep in each other’s arms
Tomorrow morning when I wake up, you’ll be squished to death

I didn’t do it on purpose, but yeah, I’m a pig
You always dissed underground hip hop,
But you came to the Just Jam performance to see tits
You accidentally admitted in your lyrics that you like man tits

I hope you work it out with Sens, you’re just trying to stick out
You stayed up all night ripping up 100 lyrics, and barely made it
It’s already my 3rd diss track f*ck, f*ckin respect
I’m not gonna exaggerate, I loved IK, dickhead

You were the leader but who is left now
I lost a lot, too, but you lost Swings

You were the leader but who is left now
I lost a lot, too, but you lost Swings

Hwang Jung Min, I respect you, teacher
I only thought of the character Jung Chung
And the title ‘Hwang Jung Min’
Was to represent the director and actor inside the song

If you were disappointed, don’t misunderstand.
I’m not an angel, but I’m also not the satan
Also I feel responsible to the public
Let me talk about hip hop

When did this culture start getting misunderstood ? It’s sad
Just like Picasso, he was normal but I love his twisted paintings
I just express my twisted emotions, point of view, feelings, anger, and loneliness without editing

I look scary and dirty ? That was my goal
You already heard it; the crazy voice
Every movie has a genre,
My music has darkness and a different kind of warmth that’ll make you feel different

Both emotions exist at the same time, and I think of myself as water
Innocent children swim in my waves,
But according to the weather, I can drown someone
Even when everyone is watching

Like I said, I'll this as an opportunity
If I fail here, this culture will turn again to the bad side
And we’re going to fall to street thugs
My pride won’t let that happen

Any musician, if you agree with me, call me
Everyone, including me, is just a tool
I don't care what everyone says, I'll do things my way

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