Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thorn Birds Review: Emotionally Intelligent

There is a certain amount of brutality in Thorn Birds. No, it’s not brought about by bloody and violent scenes, not even implication to human injustice. It’s the kind of brutality you feel when you are confronted by truths that ultimately destroys your faith on other people, yourself and the possibility of unconditional love.


Misunderstanding and juvenile musings destroy the friendship of the young Seo Jung Eun (Han Hye Jin) and Kim Mim Jung (Han Yoo Kyung). When they meet again in their adult life, Han continued to harbor hatred that prompted her to take advantage of her bestfriend’s kindness, love and vulnerability. This leads to Kim taking everything that belonged to Seo and leave Seo with everything she didn’t want in her life but just as when she thought she successfully trade places with Seo, she realizes that everything she threw away is what she has always wanted.

The ‘Whys?’

Motivation. That’s one big word that seems to dictate many of the major events in one’s life.
It is always the ‘why’ that’s hardest to understand. ‘Why do you love someone?’ ‘Why did you lie?’ ‘Why did you break up with him?’ ‘Why did you cheat?’ It is always the reason behind our action that seems to weigh more than our actions themselves.